Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Blogs and Too Much Information

Do mommy bloggers have a right to share their children's stories? MSNBC ran an article. I identified with that. While my little dumpling has her fair share of adventures, I don't want her to be embarrassed by what gets posted on internet. 

However, that won't stop me from dishing about our latest breastfeeding incident. Usually, nursing is a very pleasant and snugly experience. Imagine my horror when she used her two new teeth to bite me. It really hurt. She did it four more times throughout the day. Each time I popped her off of the breast, told her no, and put the buffet away. She fussed, and I let her nurse after a few minutes. She's a smart one because she has been very gentle ever since then. 

My mother smirked and reported that I used to bite her, lean back and smile at her. That was when she decided twelve months was enough nursing for me. Until I personally experienced a nip-- hey, it still smarts days after the fact--I thought she was exaggerating. The dumpling seems to understand the manners required to continue nursing. I hope to continue until she's at least a year old. 

She's so worth it. Yesterday she gave me two kisses when I picked her up from daycare. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Foods

The baby-lead weaning looked so promising, but Squeak (as I've started to call the baby) had other plans. Even at six-months, grasping the food and moving it to her mouth was a big challenge. She did want to eat though. Red foods are especially interesting, and she's attempted to sneak strawberries from plates that were too close.

I was sad to learn that strawberries aren't good baby food. When she's closer to age two, she can have strawberries. And tomatoes. Without being aware of it, I'd been day dreaming about teaching little Squeak to pick tomatoes and strawberries out of the garden next summer. Next summer will have to be devoted to flowers, walks, and playing in the sprinkler.

My sister was visiting when Squeak had her first food -- the traditional rice cereal with breast milk. Having aspired to  eating for several months, Squeak looked delighted to have food in her mouth. She insisted that the food delivery continue uninterrupted. When the spoonfuls of food don't arrive quickly enough, she grunted and flapped her arms. This baby loves to eat.  My mother, father and sister all helped feed her the first meal. Sharing the love of a baby with your own loved ones is such a deep connection. I never would have anticipated that our family would grow closer over this.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby's Babbling!

Having a baby is one of the best things I've done. It is a true joy. Maybe the sacrifices haven't seemed like sacrifices because I was ready to make them. Staying home most evenings to play with the kidlet is a delight.

For those who wonder if she's asking about her father yet, she has started to chant "da-da-da-da". Mothers whose babies said Dada first are now vindicated.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thrifty Mom's Waste Management

Everyone says you cannot overestimate the sticker shock of a baby. I believed them, but I didn't fully understand what they meant. Going to the store for diaper supplies and coming out $80 lighter was a real wake-up call. Combined with the cats' kitty litter and my toilet paper, we hit nearly $100 a month on just poop. It's enough to stimulate your bowels -- in a bad way.

Coupons are now my friends. I'm able to get the same number of diapers at 75 percent of what I had been paying. I'm an expert on when Huggies (the diaper du jour) will be on sale, when coupons are doubled, and which stores will accept store and manufacturer coupons.

I use cloth diapers when we are home. Just plain old prefolds with a diaper cover work like a charm. (And, hey, I think this counts for Mother Earth kudos too.) Now that I'm healed from the c-section and can run up and down the stairs, laundry is easier. These diapers wash very easily, and baby is still breastfeed. When she starts solid foods, I'll let you know if there are horror stories.

The coupons and sales and store policies can be very entertaining. These days, I especially enjoy reeling in a bargain. I'm not one of those who can buy $100 worth of groceries for $.50, but I can knock $20 off the total. It makes me want to dance!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Likes Bookstores

Being an avid reader myself, I hope to share this interest with my daughter. We read Goodnight Moon or The Runaway Bunny. She bats at the pages or snuggles with me. Frankly, she's less than attentive. I've started sneaking in a few pages of Leaves of Grass when I've read her a book or two. She doesn't seem to know the difference yet, which is good because Uncle Walt is racier than I remembered. As to the baby, perhaps she will have pleasant associations with the site and smell of a book -- if only it is because when we sit down together.

I'd been avoiding bookstores so the customers aren't offended and the baby isn't cranky. A trip to the bookstore this weekend went very well. She sat in her sling and looked at the colorful book spines while I browsed. Of course, we made new friends with the staff and the customers. Baby smiles and flirts with everyone. I had no idea how much people love babies. I'd only heard horror stories about rude comments from strangers. Nearly six months into the game, we haven't had any encounters. I have a whole new appreciation for my fellow humans.

I still have to pinch myself each time I realize that I have a baby who I love and who loves me right back. I'm not dreaming. It's the real deal.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Holding

Being put down is not an option for the baby. She cries and fusses. She seems to know when she isn't next to a person and instantly protests. My mother has been visiting daily to help with housework and hold the baby.

I would have consulted Mom about getting pregnant if I'd known it was going to be that much work for her. She said she was glad I didn't ask because she would have told me not to do it. She and Dad are both as enchanted by the baby as I am. It's good to know she doesn't have regrets.

Baby has had diaper rash for two weeks. It looked painful and nothing was clearing it up. The doctor's office suggested a combination of Mylanta, A & D ointment, and miconozole. It sounds strange, but the rash looks better.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Stork has Arrived

The baby arrived in the middle of a snowstorm. Schools were closed and events were cancelled. I wouldn't have known. My mother and I had spent the last two nights in the hospital while tests were being run for pre-eclampsia. The diagnosis was that it was a mild case.

By that time, I felt awful. My ankles, knees, and wrists were so swollen I could hardly move them.

The doctor came to discuss induction with me, and I said I wanted a c-section. His eyes bugged a little after all of our discussions about avoiding medication. However, the last fundal measurement had been 49 cm. I didn't think I could go through labor after being unable to keep down food for months and having limbs that wouldn't allow me to move in the positions that help labor progress. All of my plans for a natural childbirth were out the window.

The doctor said his biggest concern was being able to deliver the head and not the shoulders. I didn't tell him my childhood memory of the "two-headed cow" at my uncle's farm. The cow and calf had died for exactly that reason. I found this concurrence further motivation.

The next day, I had a c-section. When the baby, 10 pounds 10 oz, emerged, the doctor said "You made the right decision." Her head was 15 inches.

I am absolutely in love with her. She's a nice, solid baby. Very good for hugging. We spend lots of time snuggling and nursing these days and it is absolute bliss.